Inputs (per vehicle)

Annual Miles Driven:

Avg miles per gallon:

Current gasoline fuel cost/gal:

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Outputs / Results:

Annual Gallons on Gasoline:

Annual Gasoline Fuel Cost:

Annual Gallons on Propane: (assumes a 10% reduction in MPG from gasoline)

Current Price of Propane^^: (per gallon as of Aug'15)

Annual Propane Fuel Cost:

Estimated Annual Fuel Savings:

Oil change savings: (reduce # of oil changes by half)

2016 Federal Tax Credit Benefit^:

Total Estimated Savings:

Conversion Cost**:

Payback Period:

** Actual conversion costs depends on make model of vehicle and fuel tank size/location

^^ Propane price will vary depending on fleet size and refueling infrastructure if any

^ Current 2016 Federal Tax Credit for alternative fuel is appoximately 36 cents/gal